Friday, March 11, 2016

Frost in the Morning, and Water in the Stream Bed

Sometimes it's easier for me to get up in the early morning during the cold months, and one of the good reasons for that is the fun I have watching the sun come up earlier and the frost come less often and less severe.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Glimmers of Spring

Beautiful day. Warm and sunny.
Finished refinishing a longboard, and it'll be a joy as the spring comes on.
As midday came on, we got the chairs out and sat on the front lawn, under the unsprung lilac bushes, with the Drie holding court with her children as the sovereign she is.
It's nice to be with her and all.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Day After a Birthday

My birthday was a splendid affair; the kids always make me feel like a person of import and wealth.
This time of year is always a time for thought and change. After forty seven years, that seems a bit cliche, I know. But when the the world seems unstable and the little guy is getting the shaft quite constantly, it feels good when love is abundant and seems to be more than just joy and happiness. It feels like the real foundation for what we're working on and building at these times, and that's good in the midst of a long winter.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some Preliminary Thoughts on our Collective Direction...

What would happen if we all played with yo-yos, all at the same time. For those out in the sticks, like me, it might not be that big of a deal. So what if we all played with yo-yos at the same time? There’s generally enough room for us all to move over and around so that there’s enough room for the practice, and if we practice a little consideration and keep an eye on others practices, we each might learn a bit from it all to improve our play, coordination and pick up a few new tricks…
Oh, but then what would happen in the urban areas? How would everyone in the most crowded areas of Kinshasa, Jakarta, New York, or Mexico City rock the yos? How could they, in the midst of so many others trying to go about their own business and yo-yo at the same time, do anything besides get all tangled up and ruin their strings? It gets much more difficult as people tire of flinging their yos down, only to struggle in order to get them to ascend, over and over again. A time progresses, people who still have their yo-yos and strings intact begin to fling and throw more wildly, hitting others in the face, the eye, and wherever, and still more yos get tangled as some get enraged with others for their cavalier attitudes and flippant, self-centered tricks.
The sociology is different depending on the situation and activity, and sometimes the intensity with which we might pursue it. My example isn’t perfect, but the principle is simple: we are all here doing the same thing at the same time. The only thing that changes is the narrative behind our actions, and therefore, the methods used and intensity used.
Everyone depends on narrative to create and describe meaning. Our lives are imbued by narrative from the beginning- babies observe to patch together their own story of family and circumstance until language facilitates a cohesion of the whole into a sort of self-description. I am ‘me’ and I belong to this family/tribe who lives here and does ‘this’ every day. The story changes according to all kinds of variables, tragedies and circumstances, but that’s the basis for who we become as individuals. Narrative.
There are innumerable ways to live a life and the same number of philosophies underlying those ways. But when one breaks it all down, the infinite narrows down to only a few: living for one’s self or living for others, and the various combinations of those two ways. This is where things can go crazysauce (in varying amounts, of course) awful quickly if circumstances aren’t monitored for appropriateness, stability, and individual fulfillment at some level, even if it is only done by the informed individual themselves.
But why is that? Lord knows if we don’t have some sort of oversight as we grow up, all hell can break loose right quickly in many ways. That doesn’t change as we become adults. While the locus of control and monitoring largely changes from external to internal as we mature (hopefully!), we still need help in creating good value for ourselves, as well as those we find ourselves in positions of responsibility for, those around us, and finally and in many ways most importantly, for those who will follow us in the near and far future, both directly as decedents and all others. That’s where we are really fracking up, these days…
Our society is currently based on a limited view of the universe. Me. As social media, old media, new money and old money have coalesced into new viewpoints of fame, fortune, and usability, religion and politics have done much the same. The self is the most important net marketing point, so the ‘me’ is the new sacred center. Live your dreams, find your bliss, break the glass ceiling, make more money and get your due! Environmental concerns float around like space debris and short-lived comets, but the self remains the center of the universe at the expense of family, community, state, culture, spirituality, and well, pretty much everything else, too. Nothing can compare to the happiness of the toned, spritzed, polished, and well-lit and photographed self in our little media-centric world, appetite-driven, product-delivered world.
But what at what dire price? Unless one is willing to market and shove one’s self craftily down the collective throat, one will be forgotten and passed over for the flashy extroverted self-promoters, and with that pass-over, the world’s perception and indeed the image and build of the institution, place, or ideology represented by the self promoter will come to closely resemble the self-promoter or media spokesperson most craftily presented. Not always a bad thing, but when that final product is shortsightedly created to build up an individual or group with short sighted goals of pleasure or individual security in place of long-range, multi-generationally maintained progress, the result is obvious in such light.
This is not the light cast or presented very often- it creates work, demands some sacrifice of immediate gratification, and puts off ‘progress’ until it makes sense in a scale much longer than what most YouTubers and Facebookers can stomach while desperately manufacturing consent for their build and buzz. Long-range and non-self centric actions are quiet and lack the kind of glitz favored by DonTrump and Beyoncé, by Lady Gaga or any other shiny blinger looking to dream their dreams and reflect a narcissistic societies’ collective booty-dance right back in their open-mouth faces. Long range acters are not academy award actors, they seldom are remembered by any besides their loving families whose lives were enabled by their less selfish dreams and hopes and visions…

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yep, it's Still Winter


We may just make it through January if it stays this enjoyable with all these peoples...

Monday, January 18, 2016

January Snow

Snowy days and early mornings. Not an old-fashioned January thus far, but it's an ice age return compared with last year. Day by day, it's an easier way to get to next spring than by worrying and wondering what the next will or won't beget.

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie Has Died

It's difficult to understand how one fits into a pop-culture ritual of mourning, but one thing is for sure, the important thing is that one reflects upon the loss and places it into a context that makes sense to the soul you call home.
God, but sometimes my openers are setups for failure at communication! Eah- I have no idea how to contextualize the feelings I am going though, mostly because of the lack of personability of our society and the isolation I feel most any day, and more especially on a day I lose someone from whom I have drawn inspiration from and have admired deeply since I was a pre-teen. David Bowie was one of those people I care for deeply despite never having met or communicated with him. Why would I have ever tried to meet or communicate with him? In our society, where we are introduced to people and their imaginations on a faux-intimate level on a minute-by-minute basis, it's hard to sift through emotions and personal relationships and understand what is real and what is marketed. Really hard.
So I feel this loss now. A deep loss connected with other losses, deaths of dear friends with whom I shared admiration for Mr. Bowie and his work and ideas, loss of friends who don't have time for me and my far-off life in rural Utah with whom I shared this admiration, and still others who no longer care for me who I miss deeply, whose connection with the culture of David Bowie, though sometimes less strong, still makes his loss even more difficult to bear all alone.
There are many in my situation right now, some older, some younger, others living amongst many and connected with other humans coping with loss, and still others even more in need of connection and compassion while dealing with more poignant loss and grief than this cultural loss I speak of.
One way or another- I think our western meta-culture needs to more reflectively process this loss of icons in such a way to better understand interconnectivity across the greater culture and therethrough, we can be more deeply connected. Ultimately, we can learn to more fully reflect on and connect with those who matter most to us- our family and immediate friends in primary relationships. Trust can better flourish and communication grow through these experiences, whether in grief or in joy.
Ultimately, we might become more localized versions of what Mr. Bowie stood for- authenticity, individuality, perseverance, creativity and sheer, maverick beauty. The last few years of his life were even more telling, though. All these aforementioned attributes shone through, of course- but more importantly, he relished his privacy, his family, friends, and his freedom to create without overly intrusive expectations from his public. I reckon that this is a sort of metaphor for conditions that rule our lives as humans, even us commoners apart from the 'stars'. Live your life as you know you can- in joy as complete as you can, as each day teaches more. That's how to show forth as a Blackstar before the end comes.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lots More Fun Than What Came Before

After some unsavory errands in Provo, we hiked around and enjoyed some watersounds up the canyon. During the month of January, The sound and sight of running water gives hope, at least for me. What's up with that? Though I've not ever dug up much literature on seasonal affective disorder and the effect of river and ocean sounds, but it makes sense that in the midst of freezing temperatures and gray landscape, the sound of fluid movement brings a sense of hope for the future and that what we do will continue as long as we keep the determination of moving water in our minds.

I don't mean to be repetitive here, but that smile and person who's smiling makes me feel like continuing my efforts. A river nearby is like a cherry on top...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hyrum #15


Here's to Hyrum on his birthday, but not everyone's terribly into the partay... Günter's reeeealy finished.

It looks like young Günter had a long day, and all told,
not the best day for a birthday, We had to spend a lot of energy trying to save our old ewe from some sort of bloat, but Hyrum's a pretty good sport, most of the time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rowl Bounces Back!

Rowl had a difficult month of December, but after some excellent medical assistance from the good folks at the U of U, he's eating trailmix instead of chips and staying away from caffeine in a quest for that magic number 115...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Inaugural Walkie

This is toward the end of the first trip where the Günter accompanied me on a steep trail for more than a few hundred feet. He did splendidly to the end and spend a good couple of hours sleeping when we got back.
Puppies are go.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Year That's New. For now.

It's danged cold, to boot. Happy Frigid, New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

The weather outside is frightful, and inside the greenhouse, still a bit haggard. We'll soldier though the winter and see how things turn out toward the end- but meanwhile, there's Apples and Oranges to make the long evenings interactive and enjoyable.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Sports

'Round here, there's lots to do and scads of people to do it with.
Yeah, snowshoeing is part of it (of course), but theres also some skating and group reading, as well.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

 A Happy Christmas Morning, indeed.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eveage

Sorry, I can't stay out of the hills. Another shot of the cabin from the unbroken trails above it. It's something I look forward to with some mixed emotion, even in the midst of ideal summer temperatures. The quiet and solitude afforded by cold is something to be appreciated, even if only once-in-a-while.

There's the tree and Asher with the new Pup. His name? For now, it's Gunter, and we'll see if that sticks. Theses days, after naming nine children and eight or nine dogs in my life, I'm getting pretty confuzled and tentative in my naming process.

Happy Yule and Splendid Christmas to you. Hope be with you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Asher is Old Years Twelve...

There he is, blowing out a match. No candles at the cabin, this time.
Happy Birday, Mr. Asher.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

Hyrum and Anwyn were the official tree hunters this year, and in finding a nice little tree stuck between two others, they earned the conservation and Charlie Brown Tree prizes, respectively.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

More Snow and Festivities

When the kids get down to the finishing any job, especially if Jerusha and Jesse are involved, it amazes me how quickly and well they can get it finished.
At a little less than a quarter mile, it's not a bitty little job, either...