Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Day

On a day with snow coming down, I don't have much else to do but write, draw and re-imagine things in general. Each is a good thing and very much useful to me.
We watched 'The Nature of Existence' this morning with the kids, and though i imagine it wouldn't be acceptable to most as viewing material, we used it as our Sunday 'devotional' for the family. It discusses the nature of God, religion, gods, philosophy, science, and about anything else with respect to humanities' yearning for meaning and the divine. The narrator uses as his premise his own quest for meaning and timing in his life, and the narrative follows his path of seeking opinions and answers from those around him to experts and adherents in many paths and ways far away, on their own places of origin.
The documentary is an eye opener, and the kids all enjoyed it for their own reasons.
And my the way, Jesse made me a dish of his powder-snow ice cream, too.
A good snow day it's turning out to be.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Such a day.
Light as if it were  the beginning of November, warmth as the middle of October, and a Saturday like, well, the Saturday it was.
Tomorrow it will no doubt snow, and hopefully that will be greeted as today was, with hope for whatever that brings. Better get some laundry on before bed.

Serendipity, Continued.

Inside of a coffee cup this morn, noticed after an humbling discussion on the nature of God's reality, the Sacred Hoop, and the and W.B. Yeats' gyres...

Cyprus Spring

Cyprus pond and ducks;
her face in her own two hands
on the banks, alone.

Green, tan, red and brown
made auburn by early spring,
conversant release.

Soon, a smile as the
sun. Laughter and remembrance
of pines and water.

Amongst prideful folk;
strong framework, forgotten heart
vision turning home.

This short season, here.
When might all things come to light?
Each brief glimpse, a flash.

Embrace and parting;
a mention of Lebanon.
On my way, anew.

There, here; both. I drive.
The mind, fixing on mountains,
trees, oceans and words.