Friday, January 25, 2002

Sometimes the blue in the sky is a perfect cue for the sort of memories usually brought on by the smells of rain, incense and certain perfumes. Perhaps it is the hue of the sky or the patterns and consistency of the clouds, but the feeling appears like warm coffee at the center of my heart, a sensation that brings warmth as well as a conscious flavor to heighten my thoughts and sensations. Today’s sky is just like that.

There was a day when the snow was sparse and crusty in early March, and even the mountains were enjoying a thaw in the pre-equinox increasing abundance of sunshine. The oak, chokecherry and the creek were swelling; the trees their buds and the creek its contents in what seemed an increase in all beauty I was longing for.

This is what is being brought my mind by today’s sky here in Sanpete County, Utah. Memories of increase and abundance in the mid-winter of late January.

I watch the Lombardy Poplar outside my window with premature expectancy, as if at any minute it will burst out in new color, new ways of catching life from the light all around it. But that light brings little warmth today. That tree has been patient for many years of winters. I can wait too. I will wait.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

dammit, i don't HAVE to eat it all.
aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh. another half-hour long entry up in smoke because of a friggin' auto logout or something. i will learn to copy to clipboard before i push the post&up-in-smoke button one of these days. I'll try again when i spaz down from this bitter pill of electronic dissappointment.

Friday, January 11, 2002

'Tis a new year now, a January of hope and the winged viscera of secret dreams. We took a trip down to the Burningham's home in Arizona, bringing back plenty of citrus and enough sunshine in the soul last hopefully through to April. Though it took us a while to get down there (breakdowns and do-it-yourself repairs being the main delays) we had a marvelous time getting on everyones nerves and testing much patience. Not many can take the constant onslaught of five under the age of seven, and we thank those who try.
I am as of right now attempting to get things to work in the bright technological light of windows xp, and as soon as I get the camera software to work, I will post a few new photos for the feast.
Keep up the good work, all. 'Tis an odd sort of cracky world out there.