Thursday, June 26, 2008

This has been a year out of the ordinary in recent cycles on the mountain, so everything that we're able to do or see is a surprise and to be savored.
Today Ryan and I made it to the Skyline before being headed off at the pass by standing snow, but we hiked a ways to see some places we've not seen for seven months or so. Our curiosity was rewarded in kind.

We've been looking lately for land or a house that might enable us to garden more and fit our needs as a hugemongous family.
It's troubling the number of properties that have the phrase 'exclude oil/gas rights, exclude mineral rights' in the description these days. I think this happened in the past three years here in Sanpete valley.
Why is this not an issue? Why should a person or family pay ever increasing amounts of money to buy property stripped of value and rights the individual mightexercise on the land she or he owns and occupies? Why do those who rape and pillage the land and people through value speculation buy further speculative rights of minerals and energy without some sort of outcry or oversight of the people?
What has happened to us as a free people here in America?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was in SLC today for this year's EHS faculty meeting.
I usually get to wander a little bit after the ordeal, and this time I took some time to drive around the Avenues of the east side before I headed off toward home.
I saw a few places and glimpsed lots of memories of a contrasting way of life from ours right now, in many ways.
Ah, stark contrasts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hovering, just above
Only now the focus
only now the focus is
The focus has become important to us;
we see arches overhead
like Adolphe Crémieux, wearing the hat of courtesy in spite of political winds.
The bolt slides home from that very point within truth's serrated bosom
and in the time it took,
hope has flown south with the tide.

Yours is the conscience
and the count well beyond four.
Imagine: a view over a fractured valley,
hidden from so many
only by distance, more than by barrier-
the light bright beyond memory
and color as vivid as the contrast in the best black and white.
Please notice the figures hovering just above the promontory: I know you missed them until now;
they are your greatest fears, your only choice between stop and continue-
truth and reverse.

Make the move.
Walk in pleasure and faith;
pluck the fruit as you see fit and shave the forested brow beyond
or grant your fondest and most horrible wish-
the choice isn't nearly so stark as you might imagine;
dreams ours for the asking and blades spring from the very deck from which
are dealt those dreams.
Light will shine from one of those doors,
simply keep your mind trained on just desserts.

In a moment of emergency transfiguration
across the table from the holy host
dripping tears squozen from the very Pentecost
and sipping sacred milk from Kamadhenu in this decadent age.
Ours is the hope of safety within the walls of a craven climax wrested from behind
bullet-proof glass.
I just don't know what it feels like to be God.
I know not from whence the endorphins would flow;
Are you going to tell us?
Will we ever know?
I've just seen you at the end of the road,
in the reflection of sound on sound-
one might call it an echo of a memory, a syllable frozen within
the Om.
An inflatable, pulsating hope in a pink handbag,
but you couldn't keep it hidden from me for long;
not with that look on your face.
So much medicine which surrounds is poison

So unresolved, so unredeemed-
crushing were the blows and frightening the face
presented to the overwhelming foes.
Though the beat measures on,
and my tripping heart remains a sieve to your feet beside my feet-
crossing wires and freezing heights
cast the shadow of doubt upon this gospel.

Pain pops amidst the languor-
like a rebent knee gone to the left
or to the right,
The correct response would be to dive deep
to just below the bottom
or, at least where emotion reaches a climax
and blood boils as a response.

Having crouched
to kiss the stone
as tremolo voices provide a reassuring whisper,
I ask: "Was that a spirit or a ghost?"
And you know.
Our string has been plucked;
oh, yes, I will be seated, and I will wait until you cry out in unmeasured response
to the dulled pain repeated again and again.
And again.

Ma and Pa Burningham just spent a week and a half here in UT visiting family.
We even got a turn, and fun was had by everyone before they headed home to sunny Arid-zona.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Honorable Senator Hatch:
I am extremely frustrated by your vote against the Energy Act on the tenth of this month. President Bush rallied opposition to the bill back in February to avoid further escalation of gas prices.
Current policy toward oil companies has failed and those companies and speculators are reaping huge rewards at the expense of already cash-strapped American citizens.
Please enter a real debate about solutions to the energy situation.
I am a rural Utahn, a teacher and a father of eight children. Rural life presents its own set of challenges, among them the need for affordable fuel with far-flung destinations and complete lack of public transportation.
Please consider paying closer attention to shifting part of this burden to those making rampant profits.

Just another in a long line of letters to my congressmen that have probably just fallen down deep holes in the office, but optimism dictates continued efforts.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

An informative site about the state of our surroundings, food and all manner of natural resources.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jerusha, Jesse and I headed up to Tyler and Wendy's place in Heber to take part in the moving chores yesterday. We had a great time with Tyler and his family and drank many tasty beverages. We wish them the best in their new digs down past the artesian well.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A nice day of Drieish festivity.
I think she had a nice day and enjoyed her family well and good; they treated her well and gave her to know how much she is appreciated.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As it rains this on this fine June afternoon, the kids monkey with Legos and I contemplate my moves.
Drie's birthday is tomorree. That has to be good.

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