Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Whewhoo! The spice of my life has re-entered my life, novelty! I am blogging today from the environs west of the Salt Lake CIty Airport, in the nondescript 'Venice' Conference Room at the Hampton Inn. Gracias a the miracle of free WiFi, I am able to browse the internet, check and compose email, blog and, when not too busy, listen to the garble spewed by presenters at the "Providing Services to English Language Learniners Via Interpreters" conference. For this wireless boon, I am truly grateful.

By the way, if you're not engrossed in a career-enriching experience like I am, you'd better grab your partner before it's too late...

(at $83 a pop, it looks like SF has lassoed themselves a cash cow! That's $201,275 so far by the Times tally. This might be something Utah could use to climb out of financial difficulty and finance public schools a bit more adequately. But would it be more more morally acceptable than a lottery to the good citizens of Zion??? Eh. Prolly not.)

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