Thursday, March 21, 2002

Spring: Day Two. The sun is out and the jet contrails streak across the sky like banners of celebration, the mountains shine in their shrouds of unbroken snow and i feel the warmth like caramel syrup on my favorite ice cream. Not long from now the crocus will break and bloom, and i will feel like drinking coffee with friends at an outdoor table.

Speedometers are odd things. The 'runner is all fixed and running like unto a fine top, but the speedometer is still making grumbling sounds at me. Rotten thing. We put in a new cable ($65) and another used speedometer ($50) and it is still un-silent. i'm gonna just have to get used to it for a while, i'm sure the solution will come in time. Patience with annoying noises is something i have had trouble develping up to now, wish me luck and sanity.

My friend Marcus has just put up a new site for his good wife Melinda as an advertisment for a business they have been doing on a small scale for quite a while. They buy quality used furniture to recondition and paint with colorful and original schemes and sell it at affordable prices. Their work is really fun and quite beautiful. Check out their site! (It's under construction right now, of course)

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Sorry if you have come to this site and encountered the presence of three identical entries. i am trying to get rid of at least two...

cut and paste was so much easier with paper and mucilage.

have a good first day of spring!

prescience and news from afar,

the hinterland of the human mind creates a place within

some space-

yours and mine and theirs and ours is

ours and if we could turn down that rumbling

covering those beautiful voices i might remember to

ignore those that put dark brown drip stains on my four white cups.

so i look to the spring and cherish the amnesia of this dark and

buried winter

in a cave

and i'm sure as you're sure

that had we time and a place within some

space, the coming spring might


and as the primrose isn't on our level concious

of its influence on my dreams

(or of its own saturated beauty?)

this season will beget a song

that can't be covered by even the most

grumbling grey noise rumbling in this heart

in this cave;

do you hear it? do you know it?

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

We went to my wife's Grandad's funeral yesterday. Earl Sistrunk, known to our generation as 'Papa,' was born in Mississippi in 1917 and died in Salt Lake City just last Friday.

He was quite a man, his ilk grows rarer by the day now. He served in Coast Guard previous to WWII and served in the Merchant Marine during the War, the Korean War and Vietnam. Earl specialized in ocean-going steam ships of every power as first and second engineer. Rough work, hot and noisy, with long hours. During the War he saw many sister ships sunk as his steamed on, sure that his was next.

His favorite work, though, was being a father to a couple of very good children, one of whom is mother to my beloved Diedre.

Not a bad run, if you ask me.

Vaya con Dios, suene con los angeles, Papa.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

i have been attempting some feeble "informed" writing these days. Nothing has merited posting as yet. My brain isn't retaining and retrieving facts and figures as well as it did when i was in school or less encumbered by child-care cares. I think that as i focus on this more it will start flowing, and i look forward to developing more desire to read and research. This is what i am thinking about right now.

It's a grey day here in Sanpete. Overcast and still, all is silent and waiting for the gales to rend moisture from the northern sky. Even the mud is stuck between frozen and oozy muck, the valley waits for something to start.

What's it like where you be?

Monday, March 11, 2002

A brief note of introduction and a bit of explanation: I, Adam Burningham, am a brother to the proprietor and scrivner of the "outside" website you were probably at previous to this blog. RyanDavid is a good man and an outstanding brother and has generously hosted my little family blog, linking to it from his own schnazzy site.

I am a father of five, an husband to one and make a living as an educator focusing on alternative and 'at-risk' students. I have dabbled in writing and poetry since i was building forts in elementary school oak thickets and now dabble with writing here in Spring City, Utah.

This little site is a basic and everyday blog. I write what comes to mind, occaisonally in poetic form, interspersing family news and homily into the mix to keep it cute. I have always wanted to be cute, so i do the next best thing and describe my kids and their exploits every so often. They are cute.

As everyone seems to say nowadays, this wee site will change and i hope to see it through a process of evolution toward a more inclusive and media-intensive experience. i love beauty and the pursuit of awareness, look for these to hopefuly crop up every so often at this address.

Write me anytime with observations or questions.

Communication is life, compadres.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Almost a full month later, i reappear as if magically. I bought a 4runner and had to take it in for an engine rebuild six days later. It is not yet ready after three weeks. Argh.

I had my thirty-third birthday as well. Diedre made me a sourdough chocolate cake. Man, it was cake-choco. Beautiful.

Oh yeah, kudos times at least five to my brother Ryandavid, who is now hosting my site on some of his extra bandwidth. Who could ask for a better webmaster?