Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fowl in Foul Weather

Grass coming up and rain coming down. Now, if we only had a few quail to round out the flock.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter on the Hill

We spent a couple of days at the mouth of Canal Canyon hiding eggs and traveling the hills tracking the regression of this year's snow.
Easter lunch took more time than we anticipated, as is not unusual with eleven people competing for time and space at a cabin in the hills, but the light and clouds cooperated just enough to warm the table.
Hope your easter season brought hope of plenty and fertile imagination.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Lips and minds and three young birds
atop a tree, astride a brook, anointing a king
freely given and hopefully ridden, beside the point and
gone, gone, gone for the afternoon-
that’s the way the world frees itself and each creates a new day.
We know the hour work begins and when supper should be taken,
so why can’t led light shine bright as the average American’s dreamcup
as in long enough to light a spark
Of revolution and ignite an inspired habit?
Little foam men inside a drawer
speak volumes, dig ditches and read their own Bibles
through the afternoon and into the evening,
extension of thought much as business can be begotten of want and

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A crummy picture of yestereve's eclipsing moon and Mars and a cheesy HD shot of April sleet at the cabin.
Lots of things to see in the sky.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Colors

When April really gets going, people's smiles seem less forced and more genuine. As the sun progresses toward solstice in June, the colors are more vibrant and purposeful, as if the flowers coming out of the ground are broadcasting a signal that makes light more piercing. It's good to see and notice.
The light lasts longer, of course, and with the warmth of day projecting further into the twilight, I find myself outside more and longer. I end up further from home on walks and rides, and with a little extra imagination, life is extended more in the diction of dreams.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snow, Again

It didn't start out too well, but after work and a bit of time with those two, a ride out of town as the sun descended was nothing short of magical for the heart and mind.

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