Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting Along...

America's underlying strength lies not in diversity or in any abstract or physical power, but in a sort
of plurality. In reality, that strength emerges only when we as a community can muster at the least, tolerance, and even better, an ability to abide and concede that we possess different and beneficial strengths.
The only way that this plurality can continue as strength rather than a destructive and divisive undoing is through dialogue, and much better, a conscious relaxation of the need to be absolutely, immovably (and potentially violently) correct in every situation. It's important to remember that hubris is destructive, even if we truly are right.
By accepting each and every person's commendable and imperfect character of 'rightness', we approach the desirable position of plurality. The cooperative state of plurality is attainable through even the most impenetrable jungle of opposing egos. Fortunate it is though, this gulf is well crossable with the vision of any goal held in common, the courage of placid, vigorous character, and a communicative, calm tone.
Even the most simple task can be undone by focusing on any aspect that is difficult or unpracticed. It's though practicing this worthwhile dialogue that we can understand and enable strength from differences of opinion. Plurality is imperative to understand and implement in our families and communities, but it takes time and tolerance before it can become a restorative strength once again.

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Ruahines said...

Kia Ora e hoa!
What a cool discovery to find you still here. The heady days of blogging seem to have fallen by the wayside. Your place, and The Coyote influenced me deeply. I look forward to perusing your offerings. Like a treasure trove. Had you moved locations? Not sure how I "lost" in this way. Kia Kaha e hoa.