Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An interesting interpretation and graph of Mr. Cain's amazingly marketable but tragically flawed 9-9-9 'plan'.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Been thinking on what fuels individual fires
and allows them to burn at a rate that
keeps colors bright, yet minimizes scorching and pain
Keeping that as short as juniper leaves during winter days
What is your fuel?
Does it flow and combust without pause?
Or does it give shivers as your thoughts turn to stars or lost cattle
or God's Eye?

Monday, October 3, 2011

On the Mountain

On the Thousand Lakes yesterday, it was another of those almost frantic sessions of smelling, tasting, listening, and seeing. The light coming from the rising sun off of the desert after a night of rain was radiantly warm, while the grasses and aspens lining Round lake were already primed for any light that strayed their way.

The light and lake shores danced to a song that I couldn't record and with choreography that I can't begin to describe.

It didn't matter, because Ryan and I left off of fishing to sit entranced and dashing from one perspective to another; it was just so nice to see and feel the interplay as it came and changed and played with the senses.

Another quick trip, though it seemed to consist of ages of time in some ways.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And as it has been for fourteen years now, today was Jerusha's birthday fest; she spent most of the day finishing a chicken brooder with her brother Jess.
What a blessing the girl is, we're glad she keeps us around her and hope that continues for at least another ninety years or so...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anwyn's Birthday

Today's Anwyn's birthday!
The Suburban was our Conestoga over the hill to see the leaves, according to the little girl's wishes.
A beautiful drive.

In Opposition to Injustice and Corruption

Wall street occupiers.
People with something to say who are standing up and getting some publicity for their efforts.
I hope they can reflect upon what they're thinking better than it seems most of our society has been able to, especially as of late. Politics, economics and human rights are often oversimplified by people involved in such efforts; I know this from hard personal experience.
At least they're really trying to do something they believe in, something that's not just for themselves.
Que viva la peaceful revoluciĆ³n!

The Voice of the Lord, from a 'Special Witness' of Jesus Christ

Good Gord a'mighty, the end must be nigh!
Packer says the end is not near.
You have to understand that I basically take everything this man says to be Heyokha...