Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conflict: I don't much trust bureaucracy and I don't appreciate the selfishness engendered by many of the current crop of 'capitalists'.
Nevertheless, when someone as self aggrandizing as Rick Koerber is indicted for fraud related to real estate speculation and Ponzi-scheming , one must pause and seriously question the 'Principals (that) Govern' and the culture that engenders such jackassery.
Today's SLTrib article.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The guy just said 'malleable" with relation to the kids in the intervention program! Yeah, I know what he means, but does he really know what he said?
I think that self-esteem is often nothing more than a person's true and free mind being nudged more closely toward the societlally malleable norm...
Up to Snowbird. Things are beautiful up here this year; grundles of snow and plenty of sun. A fine combo for May in the mountaintops.
I'm in a session about drug abuse prevention. It strikes me that the numbers being bandied about as those reflecting percentages of people who need specialized intervention within 'at risk' populations are pretty indicative of those who generally don't feel a part of society at large, at all. I think we're just trying to use psychology to keep people in line with marketing and production norms, rather than trying to make a better place to live and progress as human beings.
What is so sacred about the status quo? The only thing being defended is the structure of society itself and the castes of academia, governmental, and finance functionaries. I worry about the ridgidity being created and ossified by bandying these numbers and studies within such a dysfunctional and destructive society.
Why does it seem that I am the only person who sees things in this way? I am under educated (read: papered) and coming from a very unique perspective (rural, disenfranchised LDS, alternative educator and somewhat asocial), so I'm probably just a wacky voice crying in the way out wilderness.
I really feel this concern, nevertheless.