Saturday, December 15, 2001

Brynni's birthday! And along with all the familial bliss came sixteen inches of powder to make the whole world look pure and clean. I love snow! What's the big deal about driving in it? The biggest problem is when the damn scrapers come and make heavy, brown slush out of it all and everybody thinks they can go seventy miles an hour and fishtail and swerve all over the road. I say let it compact and drive slow as humanly possible on what little sand they can scrounge up out of the local pit. Salt is for food and making homemade icecream, for hell's sake. My poor Toyota has had about all the seasoning it can take before it turns to dust next spring when it finally gets a chance to dry. Oh well, the busybacksoons rule the world...

If you're looking for photos of the grand occasion, look no further than this link. Enjoy your Christmas and Hanukkah season and drive with care!

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