Friday, January 11, 2002

'Tis a new year now, a January of hope and the winged viscera of secret dreams. We took a trip down to the Burningham's home in Arizona, bringing back plenty of citrus and enough sunshine in the soul last hopefully through to April. Though it took us a while to get down there (breakdowns and do-it-yourself repairs being the main delays) we had a marvelous time getting on everyones nerves and testing much patience. Not many can take the constant onslaught of five under the age of seven, and we thank those who try.
I am as of right now attempting to get things to work in the bright technological light of windows xp, and as soon as I get the camera software to work, I will post a few new photos for the feast.
Keep up the good work, all. 'Tis an odd sort of cracky world out there.

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