Monday, March 11, 2002

A brief note of introduction and a bit of explanation: I, Adam Burningham, am a brother to the proprietor and scrivner of the "outside" website you were probably at previous to this blog. RyanDavid is a good man and an outstanding brother and has generously hosted my little family blog, linking to it from his own schnazzy site.

I am a father of five, an husband to one and make a living as an educator focusing on alternative and 'at-risk' students. I have dabbled in writing and poetry since i was building forts in elementary school oak thickets and now dabble with writing here in Spring City, Utah.

This little site is a basic and everyday blog. I write what comes to mind, occaisonally in poetic form, interspersing family news and homily into the mix to keep it cute. I have always wanted to be cute, so i do the next best thing and describe my kids and their exploits every so often. They are cute.

As everyone seems to say nowadays, this wee site will change and i hope to see it through a process of evolution toward a more inclusive and media-intensive experience. i love beauty and the pursuit of awareness, look for these to hopefuly crop up every so often at this address.

Write me anytime with observations or questions.

Communication is life, compadres.

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