Tuesday, February 18, 2003


I was coming home last night from a wee outing with Drie when a UB40 song came on. "This always reminds me of Lisa," said I to Her. "Hm," Drie said, "I wonder what she's up to."

Ten minutes later, I was upstairs checking the evening Email. Right there was a missive from that very same Lisa. I haven't seen her for years and years, in fact the last time I saw her was in a Smith's grocery when I was living in a Fifth-wheel trailer in Wood's Cross, Utah.

Lisa is teaching illustration and the like up in Washington. She is married to a good man and they've a wee tyke they're raising together. Oh yeah, she's also an artist representative and you can find her website here.

It has also become apparant that I am going nowhere in my big plans for an expanded site. Thus, I shall blog! Hope there are those who will enjoy.


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