Tuesday, December 30, 2003

As if falling out of a passing coal truck or kicked out of a rickety old turkey wagon, anew, I begin!

New beginnings are a hallmark of our species, and I'm no stranger to this particular cycle. We have been participants and witnesses in our house of a new life, the babe named Asher Ewyn. Here at the crux of a new year, with another new being in our house, I renew this crazy attempt at written expression-

I am trying hard to figure out my relationship with the world at large again. Politics rage, events whirl, people prosper and others languish and here I remain, in Spring City, hearing some and seeing less.

More people write their ideas down in ways others can read than ever before. I have tried to join my voice to the din many times, using poetry, blogs, written letters, personal discussion and others.

For the sake of my everloving soul (and a few other precious beings,) I begin again.

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