Wednesday, July 6, 2005

The fishing has been wonderful lately, having been down to the Escalante Plateau and Thousand Lakes Mountain to hunt Brookies in the last week in separate trips.
And what about photos? Well... I had a good quiver of images, but some no-good took advantage of my absentmindedness the day after one of the trips while I was up in Provo getting the monthly resupply at Costco and the like and lifted the camera from the back seat. What do I expect when I drive an old 4Runner with a folded and bungeed tarp for a top during the summer? Well, not this, but I guess it's not that surprising.
I didn't notice that I'd left it in there, but it's not anywhere to be found.
So, no photos! Darn the luck.
P'raps sometime soon. I'll take the family camera on a trip as soon as I'm finished being frustrated with my lack of foresight and or even general awareness at times.
On second thought, It'll be before that far-off day, for sure.
The kids are having a great time this summer, their little gang has a good range of ages and abilities these days. They range all over our acre of land, building things and taking others down, chasing chickens, geese, ducks and skunks from one end to the other, and ruining pair after pair of socks with the aid of cheatgrass and other burr-producing weeds.
And as for Drie, she's in her third trimester now and finally feeling her pregnancy. She tries so hard to deny her mortality at times that it's hard to see her start to slow down during this part of her pregnancies. She's still doing more in a day than most ordinary people do in three, though.
Other than that, the sky still hovers over Spring City, and the mountains are holding it up right nicely, as is their job. I hope they don't soon tire of their labour as we do at times.

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