Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today was spent entirely in my pajamas, and the sun spent the majority of its day behind the clouds occasionally flurrying snow on our lawn.
I decided to leave all of troubles and worries behind a shroud of tactical forgetfulness and sit around directing my children in their activities. I even got some reading in between the action and cleaned out several drawers, stuffing the unused or unwanted in bags to be sent off to another service.
January the fifteenth is a day that begs for this sort of behaviour, and luckily, this year it fell on a Sunday. I didn't feel like fixing any pipes, attending any meetings, fulfilling any mandates, heeding any calls, hawking any wares or gathering any offal. I just wanted to see if I could just be, and no more.
I think things went just fine. As my mind skimmed the surface of the day, searching for the fleeting break in the clouds and accompanying shafts of clear light outside, I didn't think of much else besides the walls around me, the fire in our stove and the dear people scurrying about me.
That's how today went.

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