Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, here I am in a corporate coffee/bookshop in a place that has exponentially more money and opportunity for material gain and forward momentum than where I live with my family, yet many would consider this "flyover land".
For many in our country, and quite a few that I have known, where I am now is a backwater. Utah, no matter where you might mention, is a place that very few would look as worth even a little bit of attention.
Consider this:I am looking at a range of mountains that I have long admired and enjoyed looking at, a range complete with foothills, an aging range to the fore and a new and craggy mountainscape to the aft.
I am able to see foothills which are blossoming with new growth and in the older, softer mountains there are aspens coming to life with green. The rocky peaks far above are partially covered with clouds and still heavy with snow. Here in the valley, there are flowers and fruit trees blooming amidst all of the traffic and people gabbing and smoking and talking on their cell phones; and I see no one paying the least bit of attention to the real drama going on around them. The drama that holds them rapt is the pursuit of little power and whatever money that power they can accumulate will get them.
Are there some that aren't thinking on these things that I so flippantly accuse them fixating on? I'm sure there are (and bless them all), but that is not the point; generalizations work amazingly well at the level that they are meant to operate. That level is one where questions are put to the greater whole, and the observations are that which one's perception would answer back. Therefore, This is where I come from, this wee space within my own mind, one man from a very small town in a small state who works with those whom many have given up on. What would you expect from such?
Just this, no doubt.

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