Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I went to the Annual EHS meeting up at the State Board of Ed building in SLC yesterday. It went fine, for the most part, though new accounting methods are lighting a fire underneath my forgiving teacher's seat. I need to work harder to get more numbers of kids moving more quickly through my class in the future. Other than that, it was an informative meeting; EHS is growing at an admirable clip and the Utah State Legislature wants to know where the money is going. Understandable, to a point.
On the way out, I ran into this shrine at a tree with sap running out of a limb cut. It must have something to do with Mary and weeping, but I think that the limb scar has changed in the past year or so. I couldn't see anything special about the knot besides the fluid running quite freely. I looked, but perhaps my heart wasn't in the right place...

Moving along, I spent some time at Liberty Park, stopped in to say hi to my Mimi and thereafter, generally went on a 'splore. Along the way, I decided to head out to Herriman to see how much it had changed in the intervening years since I was last there, and was amazed at how many Smith's Marketplaces and supersized cardboard cottages there were clumped about. I am growing more cynical about real estate and "capitalism" as I get older and more frustrated by what happens to everyone involved.

I took this photo by one of the very few remaining cultivated fields that I could find in Herriman. Amazing transformation of a once beautiful place. The canyons, though home to many more homes than last time I was there, are still very pretty, nevertheless.
Before skirting along the edge of Utah Lake on my way home, I stopped off at my Grandfather's grave at the Veteran's Memorial cemetery at Ft. Douglas. I haven't been to the gravesite since the funeral in '98, and despite the time, I walked right to it. It's a nice place to sit, with the two valleys stretching off to the north and south. I enjoyed my stay, speaking with his spirit all by myself as the sun slid behind the Oquirrh Mountains at my back.

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