Monday, April 2, 2007

The good old 'FreeCapitalist' has undergone an image makeover.
He is no longer a slightly overweight, balding goofball with an off-kilter grin, now he looks to be a darkly handsome protegé of Satan himself!
Well done, Rick, your business of assisting people in becoming money-driven idle investors and bourgeois jackasses (for a nominal fee, of course) will surely skyrocket now.
Oh, and coincidently, I'm sure you'll be able to annoy those "socialists" even more with your newly purchased and debonaire style, good man.


Anonymous said... - ahhh, how our minds continue to either expand with new possiblities, or remain closed because of our own agendas. enjoy!

adam said...

I don't know if that was Christopher, but whoever it was, thanks for the comment and link.