Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The family hopped into the Suburban at three o'clock in the morning on Friday to make a quick trip to Yellowstone. We've not gone as a family for at least three years, so we figured it was high time to just do the deed, and the deed has been done.
We stayed for three nights at Tower Falls Campground in our big Springbar EuroCamper (13'x11') through sun, wind and rain, cooked on the white gas stove and enjoyed the amenities afforded by treeside plumbing and non-flush toilets.
The trip was absoutely beautiful and everyone had a great time, including me, in spite of the amount spent on gas and food (holy freaking cow).

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pop said...

What a great trip!
Suburban + gas + food for nine folks= "holy freaking cow!", indeed.
Nice photo of part of the group and the beautiful scene!