Saturday, September 8, 2007

The whole clan wound our way up to Springville this evening to participate in the baptism of a friend of ours who is re-entering the church after a brief hiatus of a few years. I doubt that there are very many long-haired, bearded, double earring wearing anarcho-socialists running around enacting saving ordinances while sanctioned by the LDS church, but that's what I was pleased and honored to be able to do for a dear someone, just a few hours ago.
There were a few confused people in the audience, I'm sure.
Afterwards, we snagged a few Little Sleazer's pizzas, skarfed them up, and thereafter engaged in a long game of tag at a local elementary school park. The kids and I had a great time running hard and doubling back and forth on the playground, but I think I'm gonna feel it in the morning.

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