Monday, October 22, 2007

This is the man in his native environment, with a beautiful animal taken in a good way with the honorable intention of sustaining many in his immediate and extended family. He's very happy and exuberant, soaking in this moment and the immediacy of nature.

Again, this time to the right, Ryan. He's not at all in his native environs; in fact, he's in Payson, at the closest such coffee shop to his hometown. He, like his friend, is usually staunchly grumpy about chains and big corporations.
Nevertheless, he is pictured here, as happy as a clam. Certainly not as joyous as he was in the last photograph, but nevertheless, he's downright gleeful. I might add that the numbskull taking the photo is at least as happy to be there as the loon in the chair right there, as well. Why? A place with a decent cup and seemingly cheerful people there to serve it at the time. A blessing in its time and place.
Within a few minutes, though, we were striding out of that place, on our way back home, grumbling about a couple of spandex-clad walking billboards who had bicycled up to the establishment.
Go figure.

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