Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here you'll find some information about a few of the presentations at the TYC that I found especially inspiring and applicable (and that I could find pertinent links to on the web):
The keynote presenter was Charlie Applestein, a social worker who has parlayed his effective techniques for positive change in the lives of youths into a publishing and training juggernaut.
Gayle Threet and Leigh Vandenakker, two women who work together to help students find their way through real tough times and difficult decisions.
Paul White, a public school administrator with practical ideas for helping gang youth to succeed.
Gus Frias, an amazing gentleman with a different perspective on the same youth.
Calvin Terrell, Jr., gave the final address of the conference. He presents and consults on Global Diversity and Anti-Opression issues, among others. Amazing guy, indeed.

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