Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's January now. The northern world lies in a mantle of cold, so the desert is the place to be. If only I could be there more often; in those places I can forget the constant, ringing buzz in my ear- the one the civilized world makes when it demands too much in exchange for its version of comfort, savoir faire and oblivion.


Anonymous said...

This time of year, I'll take the lower desert more readily. It's not quite so bone-chilling. The beauty of the higher terrain's hard to argue against,as depicted in the fine accompanying shots.
Nice to hear from you and your camera.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
Beautiful and haunting. I already Hear the mountains here calling me back as I re-enter that civilized world you describe so well. The only ringing in my ears there the mountain breeze, wind, water, the Whio and Moreporks. I wish I could share that old wooden hut with you for a night, light a small fire and talk under those desert stars.
Rangimarie my friend,

Lost Coyote said...

Some of the best kind....

Anonymous said...

I think that is my favorite photo. the light on one side and the dark on the other is mezmorizing.I once drew a picture of a candle like that.