Monday, March 23, 2009

Here're some photos from the big trip down south. What a trip it was; I enjoyed being unexpectedly in my element some of the time, gloriously and predictably in my element others, and during still other times, completely out of place.
It was fun, and I'd do it again, if I had the time.
Boy it was fun in the SoCal mountains and in the ocean. I still can't believe that I was able head down there at all. It was all a big whirlwind of surprises.

Jenna, my dear sis-in-law's family cabin. They kindly allowed us to crash there for three nights. What a place. I'm half-seriously pursuing moving the fam up there, seeing as my days of gainful employ here in Sanpete are prolly numbered for at least a while.

Plenty to see and explore in the tops of the San Bernardino Mountains. Lots of people and homes, but still lots of open space and tons of beauty. Something to be said of trying to live with the topography and one's surroundings. There were lots of fine people here and there, at least at this time of the year.

An old dedication-type monument from when the place was originally developed enmasse.

A house on the edge of an area burned a few years ago. Man, that fog was engrossing to watch as it entwined different depths of view. I took at least thirty different photos.

The bracken fern was still dormant at this time of the year. Plenty of snow here and there, and the evidence was abundant of its full extent. Great color.

I know this probably doesn't affect many as much as me, but the crowds at Dizzyland were really hard for me to get used to. Easy to feel inundated and anonymous, but I'm still not sure what to think of the whole thing...

The botany has always fascinated me at D-land. I don't think I noticed anyone else really look at the plants and flowers the whole time I was there, but I was entranced. It helps that it's still full winter around here, but for a few crocuses, though.

Mother wasn't happy with the willy-nilly jerking action of the Indiana Jones ride, but I sure had fun snapping photos of her and Pa. I laughed and giggled like a loon.

That's me in front, RyanDavid next, his wife, Jenna, and then my dad. Industrial recreation, at its near best!

Jenna and daughter, Sarah Jane.

Somewhere down there is San Bernardino. I'm sure of it.

Obligatory California Poppies.

Once upon a time, I lived in Van Nuys with my parents. We went to the beach often. I think it made an impression on me. I was deeply impressed by my time in Santa Cruz later on in life, as well.

My Pa and I somewhere near Seal Beach in 1970 or so.

There you go. The other end of my native extreme, opposite the desert rat. ocean, mountain, desert. The entire orographic effect, I tell ya.

Some greenery and ornamentation on one of the more exclusive beach houses at Newport.

My blessed brother, Ryan David, and his boy, Sumner.

Sumner and I drew and talked up a storm on our travels to and fro.

A view down the hill near Jenna's cabin, toward Lake Arrowhead. What does the future hold? Only the shadow knows...


RyanDavid said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I'm glad that, upon retrospection, you can say you enjoyed yourself. It sure was a trip with its own peaks and valleys, for sure.

Ataritron said...

Looks like a fun trip. You should come out to Disney World her in Florida sometime. Lost of great gardens and plantings. Animal Kingdom feels like a jungle retreat and even has a buddha shrine and prayer flags hung in the asia area. Epcot is having their garden festival right now and it is beautiful. My favorite part of Disney though is seeing the sparkle and excitement in Kenna's eyes as she explores and discovers the park. I really love your nature photos. You have an eye for beauty my brother.