Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ryan and I decided against a quick run up north Yellowstone way because of the late winter storms roiling around these parts. Instead, we did a crazy run to the south and east.
We left on Thursday morn and got home again early in the afternoon on Friday.
Too much driving, and too much beauty passed up like a blur on the side of a road, really. Oh, but it was and is stunning beautiful.

A couple of deer shading themselves along the Burr Trail.

A downgrade, indeed.

Mount Hillers, the southernmost of the northern Henrys group. Look at this one on Google Earth, sometime. The Laccolithic intrusions coupled with sandstone formations are almost as fascinating from above as they are on the ground. Man. I love this area.

Mount Ellsworth, the southernmost of the Henry Mountains.

These couple of hills near Blanding are the site of several sacred American Indian sites, including at least two huge kivas that I know of, personally. This development hit me like a ton of gravel; I had no idea that anything like this was being considered- Lord, when will the desecration and advantage taking end?

A pretty little Brown from Thistle Creek. It's always a blessing to find a fish swimming in this water, and if I can catch one, it's sometimes even better.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
We are indeed blessed by all these wild places. Keeping them wild is the fight. Too many greedy hands seem to be rubbing together waiting for these Places to become part of the economic solution.
It is always a fine moment to arrive here and go along with you and the Lost Coyote as you patrol these wonderful lands. Ramble On!