I haven't been on game for a while; lots of concerns and anxiety about the world and universe in general. After school got out for the summer with still no firm prospects for employment in the future, the roller coaster really started buffeting.
Now, Ryan hasn't had things too easy lately, either. He felt gravity's thump while playing with his students at recess on the second to last day, falling on and fracturing the hell out of his wrist. He had been anticipating (with some trepidation) surgery on his knee and now faced another slicing and dicing of his wrist, so, long story short, Ryan and I lit out once more for the upper left corner of Wyoming and lower middle of the great state of Montana.
We again took it upon ourselves to allow only a quick three days and two nights to drive all the way to the heart of the Beartooths and back. Along the way, as usual, we took in beauty and the power of raging rivers, we met grand people and a few really unhappy ones, and were changed by the feel of good earth under our feet and the rush of gravel or asfault beneath our tires.
The nights out there have a way of changing perspective, and if one can rally forces fast enough to get up early again, the mornings have a similar effect. The two views combined are truly life-changing, so if one can bring his own realizations to bear on the world and view thereof, the elixir of that perspective is more powerful than I yet understand.
Ramble on, my dear readers, and may the light of the world illuminate that which is before you.


Anonymous said…
Really great photos, as usual, Adam.
Good to follow your travels/trevails herein.


Ruahines said…
Kia ora Adam,
Kia kaha to both you and the Coyote, particularly in regaining his physical well being. I am so happy to read, and view, you both addressing the maintenance of your mental Well Being in such style and substance. Your early morning photos of American west towns are classics, and the ones of Nature just splendid. I feel I could be on that Journey with you both. Thank your for the video, the sound of high rivers most joyous and the power of the earth profound.
Interesting when I am in the mountains, out in nature, I sleep deeply but only for short bursts and I am always up well before the dawn to take advantage of every moment the day will bring. I wish I could write it was the same out here and wonder sometimes why that is?
Rave on good sir, we need you and the Lost Coyote out there. Kia kaha.
adam said…
Glad you enjoyed them, dad.
adam said…
Kia ora, Robb-
I, too, sleep in fits and starts when out. I enjoy the sounds and scents on the mountain and in new places. I used to wake up earlier no matter where, but I think the effect of babies waking me most every night for near on fifteen years have worn me down in earlyrisership. I wake usually near dawn and sleep one more hour, depending on the season. I miss those days, and as time passes, I get up on that first start more often than I did a few years back.
I have seen the eternal footman hold my coat, and snicker- and in short, I have felt that laugh, deeply.
Sometimes the child rises to spite that grizzled footman, and sometimes that child is easier to hear when he is delighted to be out exploring, I reckon.
Glad you enjoyed the images and vid, dear sir, and I wish you the very best in the work you do where you are.
Ever so,
Anonymous said…
Just had the chance to click on the video. Awesome footage, well placed accompaniment.