Friday, August 14, 2009

Time is getting pretty short; school starts the week after next and I have plenty to do before I start teaching the boys where I'm running the education program this year.
This sort of trip is what usually happens at this time of year; quick outings to the Thousand Lakes as the countdown to autumn becomes more apparent.
There were plenty of trucks headed south with atv's and trailers in tow today. Tomorrow is the first of the hunting season, the general bow hunt begins. Never know quite what to think as this sort of thing happens; people are so crazy about these things nowadays. The 'typical' American male worries hell out of me, in many ways.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
Keep your head down out there brother! It's the ones who ONLY connect with the wild at times like this that scares me the most.

adam said...

Agreed. Seems that's the case with the majority of these hunters. Used to be that some of them had some time out while gathering firewood, but that has passed by the wayside. Now it's only hunting and snowmobiling, for the most part.
Thanks for the observation, Robb-

Anonymous said...

I am slowly growing a dislike for the individuals on the atv's not the ATV's themselves, no, the behavior of the masterminds driving them. mfb