Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family photo for 2009-
A bit hurried as the sun retired for the evening; I forgot how to use the danged timer on the camera after doing all of the individual photos. Not the best exposure nor even very well focused.
Nevertheless, the sentiment is still the same. The Burninghams wish you the very best of New Years and anything else you've been wishing for...


Lost Coyote said...

Why won't Moshi look at the camera?

Anonymous said...

Great photo.
Thanks for posting.
Still haven't shown to Mom, yet.
Happy New Year!!


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
So sorry my good sir, for the belated well wishes for all good tidings in the New Year.
Your brood is a beautiful one and it fills my heart with warmth for reasons I might possibly not even understand.
Adam, you have been a huge connection via your place here, and the kindredness I feel at times overwhelms me. To the Roaring Fire brother! Kia kaha,

Anette said...

Your family has grown a little bit since I saw you last. Great picture of all of you. Sure miss all of you, would love it if you came over if you're ever in our neck of the woods. :) Do u remember when you guys visited last and Moshi just about scared the begebes out of Kaleb in the middle of the night?
Hope you all had a great holiday and a good start to the new year!
Hope to see you soon,
P.S. Troy says hi.

Ataritron said...

Such a beautiful Family! I miss you guys every day.