Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another stormy Central Utah weekend. Did some going over of student's papers, ran to the post and back, and today I'm milling about and puttering over this and that. The visual stim is getting old and gray, kinda like the winter's influence over my brain and perception. I know things are fine, but I'm just a little worn out with making old things new.


Anonymous said...

Just your Mom and me browsing. Hope the fam are well.


Lost Coyote said...

Even if the storms keep us in the old, and the weekend keep us in our houses, inside our houses, and the weariness keeps us on the ground and the sadness keeps us from the light, even if all of those things happen, I still think it's better than the alternative...the alternative universe or world view or lifestyle...just kidding...the alternative has to be better.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
Between you, the Lost Coyote, and my own current mood I feel as if we have been sitting in a hut for days next to a flooded river, the skies grey, the river brown and angry, and the only way out. You want to move but can't and the walls close in slowly. Hope the sun comes out soon brother, for all of us. Kia kaha.