Saturday, September 17, 2011

Out With Jesse

One good thing about Jesse's crazy bilateral amblyopia is that at least twice a year, I get to take him up north for eye checkups and to get glasses or contacts.
He's a capital young man, and he's always up to a walkie or hike to wherever when we're done with what has to be done in town.
Yesterday, we hiked up to and beyond Stewart Cascade and had a fine time of it. It is especially amazing to me nowadays, that he hasn't a bit of trouble keeping up, no matter what pace we decide on. He could set the pace beyond my capability, I'm sure of it.
He's growing up.
He has comments on what we see, questions about how it got there or how it came to be, and seems to be genuinely interested in what I have to say or blather on about.  I appreciate that; I hope it has some good effect on the good Jesse's making with his life and times.
We'll see; but I have a good feeling that he'll do just fine, no matter what I might or might not be able to do. I'm glad to keep doing my best, one way or the other.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
As my young man, now 18, struggles a bit with any visions of the future and seems to operate from only his own little world (maybe we all do)I have to keep hold of my earlier times in the mountains with him. That one day it will emerge in some positive way. I recall once when he was 10 or so and ambling along slowly and leisurely, and I was thinking how long we still had to go, it suddenly occured to me that was probably as fast as we would ever go. That as each year passed he would get bigger and stronger, and me, slower and weaker. It has proven true. Good looking lad by the way :). Kia kaha e hoa.

ghreeblestaff said...

I thought about you and your not-so-wee rugger as I put this one together, Robb. I appreciate your example of kind, concerned fatherhood and the writings you've composed to reflect upon that most sacred of labors (for our gender, at least).
The rising of another generation inevitably portends the one before's descent. I know this and have watched it with melancholy since I was a kid, watching my dear grandfather on his road to death's dream kingdom.
We have a few good years yet in us, and I'm hopeful that our kids will push us to at least a few new heights before having to be too patient with our doddering; keep that in mind, dear man.
Kia kaha, indeed!