Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Voice of the Lord, from a 'Special Witness' of Jesus Christ

Good Gord a'mighty, the end must be nigh!
Packer says the end is not near.
You have to understand that I basically take everything this man says to be Heyokha...


Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your usage of Heyokha. The clown, And old ute herder we once had described him as an individual who is always running around with a hammer trying to make the things of the world flat. He knows not why he does this he just knows he does. I submit to you that maybe some of the things that he does say is comparable to the Heyokha in nature and effect but when he fulfills his calling and is a "special witness" ahhhh in that he does shine.
I to suffer from temporary Heyokha at times often more than I like to admit. Maybe it is important to remember He too might also have such a fate just by being a member of the same flawed race?

sadly he might not consider this as we do.

ghreeblestaff said...

Very, very intriguing commentary, Mike. I appreciate the three points of view you examine; that of your herder, yours and that of Elder Packer.
Ah yes, and that of the Lord himself...
We are so very flawed as a race, but then again, we're still striving to do get by and make some beauty even while making the things of the world flat.
Anyhow, I appreciate your words.

Anonymous said...

Amen, amigo AMEN