Sunday, June 23, 2013

For All Fathers

Composed at our little house on the high desert today, and read at David's Granary Concert earlier this evening...

Near to the Border

Near to the border of every extreme
most can define an ideal
between cold and hot,
the wet and the dry,
even ones self and the other.

As a brocade of straw or silk from the webs strand
might be as reconstruction of vision in youth
amongst laughter and pain,
the granite and the ether;
even that which is mutable and contrary.

By way of shelter, gods action in kin
each flank of creation acts well in its part
as light from fire-
heat and light from within slumbering coal.
So too each introducd spirit may become,
and thanks to the child
therein a father
quite near the borders of every extreme.  

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