Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yellerstone '13

 The Yellowstone trip pert near didn't happen this year; as the Washington Furlough Feakshow dragged on and the BurningFunds dwindled all-too-quickly heading into the second half of the month, we figured that we ought to just head up the mountain or out to the near desert for a couple of days to save money, time and stress points.
I really wanted to go, though. The northlands called and this fall season brings many, many changes to the BurningHome, so I figured that if Jess or Bryn wanted to head up to the Absarokas or the Beartooths for a couple of days, maybe that'd be a good, quick, and dirty outing to the sacred lands and enough to keep my heart beating through another long winter...
The night before our break away, we monitored the imminent budget agreement with relish and mounting giddiness. The parks would be opening the following morning, and we could cross through the mighty 'Stone as we wished and when we wanted.
The trip was refreshing and with almost every weather condition imaginable for this time of year. We saw snow, sun, rain, and wind, and even a little bit of each in most every place we stopped. Good people, splendid air, happy animals, and great food. It couldn't have been better at what it was. I'm terribly glad my two eldest wanted to and were able to come along. Best company, ever.


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Smiles all around. Lovely pictures!