Thursday, November 21, 2013

All That Remains

The season's period of reflection and sleep is becoming active, or should I say, dormant. Many deaths and near misses coming to my awareness these days, touching my heart. That's the way the cold months are, much of the time; I reckon some day when we come back to a full realization of how connected we are to environment and the greater cosmos, we'll understand how important light and warmth and hope are to the human condition, not just as commodities and products to sell and trade.
How will we ever make it through this flux and ebb, this uncertainty and imminent death of front lawns and hibernation of porches? Eventually, we won't, that's the eminent truth of it, but my immediate hope is to make sense enough of the situation as it is that I can learn from what's going on enough to incorporate the lessons into our family's ethos and mythos...

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