Sunday, June 22, 2014

Around Forty-Five

June poetry? Here's one from The Granary sharing.

The future at around forty-five
is the past times one or two or fairly probably
much more than that-
only with dimmer lights, hazy edges on the those mountains far away
and a certain shimmer of words on the page;
none of it is often an advantage, though.

As the heart grows fonder
of what it might not be able to find
or what it has altogether lost
in the composted, smelly past,
the feeling doesn’t often come to grief-
though truth is,
if honesty were more highly valued on this plane,
ever on the verge of tears I would be
if not for the grace of this day and the present
fear and hope of tomorrow.

Once, I juiced an orange between a rock and my hands,
emptying that sweet red liquid in to my canteen
drop by precious drop,
and in that process, spilling more than what I intended on the dry earth.
When finished,
I sipped greedily the liquor of that tree
and laid in the sun of that desert garden, eyes closed,
mouth open, breathing the hot, dry air
in bitter-sweet droughts as I thought I’d better head home

In future days, as even summer lightning dims,
and the most familiar peaks blur,
a gratitude like honey will continue to stretch joints and core
toward bursting-
but that’s not all that I’ll feel.

As weeks speed by as did hours,
It’s good to mind both metaphorical and literal razor’s edge,
a residue of what was once a black and white,
those beliefs in Gods and Devils.
i have noticed a fissure deepening by the day,
a separation of  soul from body, tongue from voice,
fingertip from flesh, synapse from life’s spark,
And in that very natural process, both excusing and forgiving

each learned and forgotten advantage of Life.

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