Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nebo Loop 2014

 We had to head over the pass to get another mess of Costco goods (yeah, I know, it happens a lot with this family), so we took the long way over.
It's nice to go over the Nebo loop at least a few times a year if for no other reason to see the changes that happen up there at altitude. I've spent some time on the trails (back during the two or three years that I had the summers off from the full time teaching jobs), and the place is an amazing hybrid of the areas I spent time as a boy and the mountain behind our house. It's nice to see the combination and reconcile the two sides of my being.
Drie had a great time, and when I take her up that way, we realize how little she gets out of Sanpete. She doesn't get much outside of the area around the cabin, our house and short trips to Ephraim and Mt. Pleasant. I love being with her, no matter where, so it's nice to take her anywhere.

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