Sunday, December 14, 2014

On the Lee Side

From earlier today, a first draft for sharing at The Granary-

On the lee side of the house,
during a twilight that persists at least four months a year for the past 117 years
where ice forms in lumpy, slick, step-thwarting strata,
through storm after storm, night after night, with drop after drop-
part precipitate from the roof and the sky, part condensate of dew and frost native in the air.

I’ve a barrel on the northwest corner of the house that freezes solid early in the fall
most years,
and if I want the flora and fauna nurtured through the spring and summer
to survive,
I put a sturdy cattle trough heater made for frigid, Wyoming winters atop the ice,
and by the next day, it has melted its way through to any water at the center
a means for life and breath aimed at those wee souls within.

It’s just like that most of the time, round here,
on the lee side of the world, this side of the TV realm, the opposite side of
what some imagine to be simple plenty, blessings and just reward for righteousness or right decision-
It’s funny what happens when ice forms on permafrost earth where no direct sun shines
for months at a time;
We’ll see what pops back green and gold, round March, or April, or even May.

Blizzard and slush, frost and rime, the bright of day and sparks of star and moon in the snow for the 
Look outside the glass, take a walk in the air, these are all there is outside now-
ours is a small space between bricks or sticks for the winter
made warm by flame and the souls of family and those dear.
We might remain or even flourish in that timeless sun that enlivens, even in winter;
a means of life and breath for those wee souls within.


pop said...

Well said!

pop said...

Well said!

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