Sunday, February 15, 2015

Evensong: Time's Engine, Keen

Evensong at Eventide brought some springtime cheer out as love was in the air and the tunes even more cheery than the warmth outside.
T-shirts in David's Granary in the middle of February!

Time’s Engine, Keen

After millennia
time’s finish is still smooth,
though no one remembers its first drive along the coast.
Time’s engine, keen,
as rock degrades and universal carbon recombines into infinite couplings.
Though as I wear grooves into my stairs
and bone on bone without cartilage grinds
All wind to and fro on paths and roads
each too busy to see the sun’s passage through the sky
and tree’s growth seeking that sun,
because who has time enough to admire that rhythm too long?

Many say that downward slopes are time’s inexorable ride
While mass and existence pull not down,
but in and toward the core, not away from light-
though fleshy eyes see light, the soul also seeks combination
betwixt friends, spouses,  and understandings.
that final human understanding
is driven down, toward another within, pulled into
a feast for all blind, an explosion toward the next undoing.

The rock wall’s romantic view is that they stay
never come down and become permanent
Like the mountains, as the oceans.
Bones of earth expand along with the universe at large,
and we follow in quick steps and the stacked stones with those more slow-
But each day on the earth is our eternity and experiment
Sentience’ own children, we are possessed of love and purpose
But not much of time or time to understand
Our own hand-built lives and stone walls.

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