Sunday, March 15, 2015


Whether or not the weather shows its nice side or not, this time of year is one of experimentation with short-sleeves and walks outside without boots or coats. The days go by fast and the cycles are familiar to those who watch or care at least a little, but it feels good to get caught up in the hope of spring on the edge of renewal.

This March Sun,  a Steady Flame

Shedding a light on water,
having seen the mind of was
before this recombinant storm-
our footsteps open a gateway to false offerings
and a chorus of thick smoke and coffee.
This March sun seems a steady flame
from inside our concrete pipe opening to the
parched Sevier Sea.

We have all seen fortunate coyotes spring across the highway,
as the weight of life, like 
courage dampens, somehow forgotten,
is born straightforward like shadows from feet-
as when this stone was not yet stone
and the moon was yet nodding molten
in the earth’s sweltering, orange sky.

But now, through some imagination,
faith flies high on the ridgelines, with frost and
snow-laden gales,
Milky-white, shot through with pale blue-
And in this valley, rusting tin roofs over
mossy-green wooden walls.
This morning’s light came through all clear;
as the prospect of new, green leaves
was shot,

as through a canon, toward April.

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