Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yesterday: Quite a Day

Jesse wrecked on his bike today on his way to work- rains and weird traffic patterns yesterday for the twenty-fourth made for some slick, gravel-strewn roads in Spring City.
So he banged up his face, head, hips and knees and spent the day yesterday resting and getting his bearings back.
On top of that, I broke my parent's old Mikasa creamer that they received as a wedding present. Was making coffee and fumbled something, bringing it down on top, and thus creating ceramic chaos of the revered old piece.
I'm just glad things that need to endure are in repair, and things that can't be fixed are something I can look around for on eBay and the like...

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Anonymous said...

Sad about row load of your creamer, but even sadder to hear of Jesse's mishap. (Better late than never!) Looks like all else is near normal. Pop