Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Lo and behold, the anticipated upswing in activity predicted for this blog hasn't appeared yet. To tell the truth, I am pretty crispy. I can't get my brain to think in a straight line, or really in the same general area for longer than about ten minutes. i am a person of many weaknesses, and right now they are all demanding attention, or at least time to show off their talents at making me a stronger person through eventuality and endurance.

I have felt somehow weak and exposed ever since Tad's death. That vulnerability has lead to avoidance of issues and some pretty dodgy parenting on my part. Each day has been a lesson, and some of those lessons have yet to be examined.

It has been wonderful to be back in touch with some of my old friends, they have shown me some splendid examples of what can happen after ten years of little or no contact. Each has progressed and learned much of life, each has been generous with time and resources in time of grief and loss.

This is life, aye? Life, love and death. All three strenghten each other.

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