Monday, July 1, 2002

It’s Monday. A special day, the day we recover from Sunday. The Troops of Summer were back in force this morning, acting quite surprised that there are only two more days remaining in this summer school session. “Three (now two) days??? What then? How will we turn in our work?” Oh, nights of fire and five other jests! The mind of a High School Scholar is a mystery indeed. As if I haven’t been (each day, mind you) telling them that the end was soon in coming and to keep up with the workload to avoid a cram at the end. I have mentioned this week by name, “The Last Three Days Week.” It comes inevitably, every semester, every summer session. Perhaps I shall find the magic key of anti-procrastination some day.

Until then, I will put off re-wiring the house, remodeling the bathroom and finishing our upstairs bedroom.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. (Thus sayeth the preacher.)

Here's one in a line of interesting legislation to come out of Washington this year.

Read it and let it settle down to your toenails, then let me know what you think. (Twenty years in the pen for mucking about with or exploring a document/data device that contains your own bio-metric data and personal information? To me this is only a minor infraction of our rights compared to much bludgeoning of the Tenth Amendment and others with the rest of this far-reaching and intentionally ambiguous piece of proposed federal legislation.)

Read on about our lawmaker’s efforts if you'd like. Be involved.

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