Thursday, July 4, 2002

A warm day here in my part of America, and I am glad to be here at home with my family. Holidays are Holy Days, and what is holier than the opportunity to be at home and grateful to have a family and enough money for pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The neigbors invited us over for a barbeque, so I got to cook the meat and eat some more blessed carnage. I do love to eat meat on Holidays. What's up with that? Perhaps it is comfort food to me.

I packed up and moved most of my personal belongings at the school yesterday. That was rough, it is the final blow; no going back now, the efforts of two years to build a program are all in boxes in the shed now. In some squishy and naiive part of my heart I still held out hope that someone would come to their senses and beg me to come back next year and continue the post I had cultivated and the space we had created. I think that has finally gone away.

Wonderful little consolation though, I happened upon an old '75 Honda CB200 with nine hundred original miles on it. I cleaned it all up yesterday, it is really sharp looking, the downside of this is the solid varnish inside the carbeurators from sitting for at least twentysix years sitting in a shed. Took them apart, gonna need some professional help so as I don't bust something. But it sure is neat, will be great when I'm done.

Gotten back in touch with some splendid old friends lately. That is a great part of life. I am very grateful for this new black box under my desk.

Not much else going on. Happy Fourth.

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