Monday, June 7, 2004

Summer school started today.

We arrived at the school to get things ready this morning, and to our utter surprise, the temperature in the school was around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It was downright uncomfortable and very annoying, so we just set up for an outside day in the shade of the west side of the building.

Unfortunately, my room was affected a bit more than the others. It has two heat vents in the ceiling, so the temp was even hotter in there. That caused many of my plants to die and all of my fish to succumb to the stifling heat. They were basically parboiled in their little habitats. Very sad, but what can I do? Complain to Snow College? Ha! The physical plant people wish we would get off the campus anyway. They see our students as another liability and source of more work.

I just gave the fish a decent resting place under a tree, performed triage and various surgeries on the plants, and will try again with the fish when the new year starts in August. I'll miss them over the summer, but who knows when some custodian will do something odd with the boiler again when we're not there for a few days?

On a much happier note, the boys and I went on a sunset drive out west of Spring city. Here are our photographic offerings from that wee outing.

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