Wednesday, June 30, 2004

There was a Lifeways Gala Event last night up at the Stokes cabin.

Holly, my sister-in-law, is running her summer primitive-skills program again. Every so often, she has an open house for her students and select members of the community (read: her family and friends.) Last night was one of those.

She has four interns right now. Two from the Northwest of the country, one from Syracuse, NY, and one from Switzerland. Very interesting individuals all, we enjoyed a skills presentation, pot-luck dinner with s'mores for dessert, and a bit of therapeutic drumming. A fine evening as a whole.

The main event, however, is usually the whole non-Utah crew's reaction and interaction with our crew of six. I know ours isn't by any means huge by the standards of thirty plus years ago in rural Utah or even rural America for that matter, but nowadays, people are simply amazed by our family. Especially if those being amazed are single twenty or thirty somethings out improving themselves and finding bliss or whatever they happen to questing after today.

The kids fell right in, asking questions and enrolling people to play hide and seek or "donkey doughnuts" (a story for another time, believe me), and having a great time with new and exciting people. They love to interact with people unworn by time and the wheel of active children, and it was fun to watch them play together. One can learn from children, both young and older, many things.

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