Saturday, August 28, 2004

Things went just fine during the first half-week of school. The changes and shufflings were dealt with and happened with nary a hitch or a whimper.

The kids this year seek to be a bit more compliant perhaps a bit more grateful for the chance to be at our little school. I've no data to back that up, but it seemed a bit more cooperative and amicable on Friday, especially.

The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few days. The temperatures have been into the seventies, and on Thursday had a hard time getting out of the sixties at all. I think that had something to do with the generally era of good feelings at the school. Who can feel anything but great with the sun peeking out from puffy white clouds and breezes to lull one into thinking this will last forever?

Friday was also a quick run to the forks of the Huntington. The temp up there was in the fifties until the sun went down and we had our first fish in the mist experience of the fall. It was astoundingly pretty, made all the more grand because I eschewed my waders for what might well be the last sandal-foot fishing run. The water was cool on my legs and feet, the air cool on my face, and the fish reluctant to taste our flies. Wonderful afternoon to cap off a nice week.

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