Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Parents came to visit us this evening at our school, I think the grand total was around seven parents out of a studentbody of sixty. Oh well, parent-teacher conference hasn't ever been a really inspiring event at the Alt-Ed programs I've been associated with before. I'm pretty sure there are those out there that do great with the concept, spending great amounts of resources on parent-teacher interaction and reaping fine rewards from the effort, but I'm just trying to keep all our heads above the water encroaching from all sides.

The sky was beautiful today, bringing bulbous clouds pendent with rain, letting in some sunlight now and then. The rain didn't really stop all day, and by the end, my Toyota was washed clean of all the mud brought in from our trip to the Henries.

I was happy with all that dry muck on the 'Runner, and now it's in puddles and mounds between home and the school. I guess that's good in a way; my truck looks cleaner and a little more respectable, but it was sure nice to see it splattered with good desert bentonite of all different colors for the past week and a half.

Most good things have to come to an end of some kind sometime.

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