Sunday, November 14, 2004

This weekend's quest was to lower calf creek falls. Ryan and I took some flyrods and hiked to the falls, getting to the cascade at around, oh, nightfall.

It was a dandy hike, with all of the shadows and pink glow that one could ever hope for. All the fish were under eight inches, but if we wanted fish that bad, that's we could have gone any one of a number of other places much closer. The temperature was perfect, the ambibiance spectacular,and though we could have done with a few more stars or even a moon to walk out with, the whole trip was wonderful.

The south end of the Boulder, with new snow and crystalized spruces on top.

We had to get out and walk a bit in our sandals, the redrock is just out beyond the snow, looking south

On the hike, as the sun made it's last bold strokes of the day.

A holey rock on the hike, a well-photographed feature on the trail. It's nice to have the area all to ourselves this time of year.

A small desert holly coming out from a rock, still clinging to raindrops from earlier in the day.

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Amoniel said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs...